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Automated Card Reconciliation

Smart Reconciliation for Smart Businesses

Keep your business expenses all in one place through open banking, where each expense is automatically generated in real time from your credit card feed.

Simplify corporate card reconciliation


Link your corporate card

Connect your credit card with your account just once and see all your spend in one place.


Attach invoices and receipts

Simply upload or forward documents by email for automatic reconciliation by card holder.


Wait for approval

Transactions are reported in accounts on the same day. No more month end delays.

Unlock the potential of your corporate cards

Leveraging the cutting-edge open banking technology, we seamlessly integrate with a vast network of banks and corporate cards, including ClearSpend, Barclaycard, and MiVision.

Empower your business with the future of streamlined expense management.

Integrate with Clearspend and Barclaycard

Bringing all of your organisational spend under one roof with intelligent automated reconciliation

Real-time transactions feed

Connect your corporate card account for real-time transactions feed and automatic reconciliation with invoice and receipts.

Total expenditure overview

Your custom automatic feed of credit card transactions means you’ll never forget a purchase again.

Simplify business transactions

Utilise the power of open banking to seamlessly and effortlessly integrate your company cards.

Open banking and expense management

Open banking in expense management not only enhances financial visibility but also promotes better decision-making, ultimately leading to increased efficiency and savings for businesses.

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