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Accurate Expense Tracker

Make Informed Choices with Expense Insights

Unlock the power of our new expense reporting feature, offering a detailed breakdown of spending by mileage, user, and total expenditure.

With this comprehensive insight, you can effortlessly keep track of your expenses and make well-informed business decisions.

Complete expense transparency all in one platform

Gain instant access to real-time spend reporting throughout your entire organisation, capturing expenses, bills, and credit card transactions as they happen.

Real-time insights

Access real-time company spending data for strategic decision-making and budget planning, with dynamic views customised to your specific business role.

Measurable results

Effortlessly identify overspend, conduct aged analysis, streamline budgeting, and gain a crystal-clear perspective on your financial landscape, allowing you to forecast future spending.

Single view of spend

The management team enjoys a comprehensive data overview, enabling them to discern trends, monitor expenses, and maintain a firm grip on budget management and cash flow.

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Real-time tracking and reporting

Capture Expense is your financial compass, providing real-time expense tracking and instant reporting at your fingertips. Stay in the know about your company’s financial health, with the power to generate insightful reports effortlessly.

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