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Confidently Manage your Corporate Expenses

Elevate your financial management with our meticulously crafted, fully customisable expense platform.

Tailored to suit your unique business needs, it equips you with the tools to efficiently oversee and manage your finances, putting you in control and boosting your financial success.

Our partners

Crown Commercial Service 

For the past three years, our service has earned the esteemed designation of a trusted supplier within the G-Cloud Digital Marketplace.

Cyber Essentials

We proudly hold the Cyber Essentials certification, a testament to our rigorous adoption of industry best practices in safeguarding against prevalent cyber threats.

Microsoft Azure

Capture Expense uses the most advanced Cloud infrastructure available with Microsoft Azure, offering you the utmost assurance of data security and reliability.

Information Commissioner’s Office

As an ICO registered organisation, we are bound by contractual obligations to deliver our services in strict compliance with the GDPR, ensuring the highest standards of data protection.

Your one-stop platform for expense excellence

Empower your team with the freedom to save time and money using Capture Expense. Our sophisticated platform streamlines your expense processes, making it easy to raise, submit, and approve expenses from any location and at any time.

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