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Streamlined Reimbursement Process

Snap, Send and Reimburse

Empower your team to effortlessly submit and approve expenses anytime, anywhere, using the intuitive Capture Expense app.

Reduce admin, save on spend and
increase data accuracy

Creating and submitting expenses has never been so easy:


Snap the receipt

Our OCR uses AI to process and extract the data from your receipts so you don’t have to type a thing.


Submit the expense

The data from the receipt is used to automatically generate expenses.


Wait for approval

Simply sit back and wait for your expenses to be officially approved.

Efficiency meets reimbursements: Transforming the way you get paid

Stop out-of-policy spending

Set individual spending limits, out-of-policy warnings and control approval stages so your employees never over-spend.

Sync with finance, payroll and HR

We integrate with all your systems for a seamless data sync, making it simple to record transactions in accounts or reimburse employees through payroll.

Take your expenses international

Available in multiple currencies with historical and real-time exchange rates, take Capture Expense overseas with configurable international capabilities.

Flag duplicate claims

Process expenses with confidence, as our intelligent protection features automatically flag and prevent duplicate claims

Reduce fraudulent claims

Only pay and claim on legitimate expenses within your policy, and reduce the risk of fake expenses claims.

Stay ahead of expenses

Empower your team to provide individual employees with advances for their daily expenses.

Holistic view of spend

Capture Expense eliminates the top frustration in operational spend management. Our streamlined solution simplifies receipt capture, resulting in fewer lost receipts, reduced paper processes, and valuable time saved from chasing them down.

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