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Global Expense Management System

Your Global Expense App for Consolidating Worldwide Spend

Empower your teams to seamlessly spend anywhere, any time with Capture Expense; the global expense management system built especially for international spending. 

global expense management system, global expense app
global expense management system, global expense app

Intelligent brands taking total control of company spend

The global expense management system built for international

Customise global spend

Establish spending caps across 100+ currencies and enforce tailored policies for entities, individuals, and departments. 

Reduce global costs

Subsidiaries streamline local payments, simplify transactions, and reduce foreign exchange costs with regional billing. 

Reconcile spend

Seamlessly integrate with local ERPs, automatically map and export transactions to subsidiary general ledger accounts. 

Capture Expense Brochure

Unlock the power of real-time spending insights across your entire organisation. Dive into our brochure to discover how you can stay on top of reimbursements, bills, and credit card transactions as they happen, ensuring smarter financial decisions.

global expense management system, global expense app

Global expense management for complex organisations

Gain a centralised view of all your linked organisations in Capture Expense. Whether your set up contains different subsidiaries, regional offices, divisions, or anything else—you’ll gain central control of all spend. 

Set up distinct policies and approval workflows for each of your linked organisations and get total visibility and transparency at a global level, in one single global expense management system. 

Simplify your global transactions

Reduce your foreign exchange costs with regional billing. You can set a base currency of your choice, allow your teams to spend in any currency, and access real-time and historical exchange rates. 

Let’s say you have a team member travelling to the US from the UK. They’ll process their expenses as usual by scanning their receipts. Your global expense app will recognise that while your employee is spending in USD, they need to be reimbursed in GBP—automating the process for you. 

global expense management system, global expense app
global expense management system, global expense app

Customisable tax and mileage rates to suit every location

Your global expense management software will automatically calculate VAT, GST and mileage rates based on the country of spend with configurable rates. 

Offering you total flexibility, you’ll be better equipped to comply with local tax regulations, control your costs, monitor your budget, and access pinpoint-accurate reporting. 

Global expense management FAQs

How does the app handle multi-currency transactions and conversions accurately?

The exchange rates in our global expense app are powered by an intelligent integration with Xe, the worlds most trusted provider of currency data. They provide real-time, accurate, and reliable currency exchange data which syncs directly with Capture Expense when your teams spend globally. If your team members are travelling and spending in a currency different to their own, Capture Expense will automatically recognise that the transaction needs to be exchanged into your base currency for each linked organisation, so, you can rest assured that you’re getting the most accurate conversions on your team’s transactions. 

Is the platform suitable for businesses of all sizes?

Yes, our global expense management software is a versatile solution suitable for businesses of all sizes, from small start-ups to large enterprises. Our platform can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your organisation, making it a valuable tool for managing expenses efficiently, no matter what your organisational set up is. 

How does the app handle receipt management and tracking?

The Capture Expense receipt scanner enables your teams to snap their receipts in seconds from the very moment of spend. The app automatically extracts the data from receipts and automatically generates the expense, giving you real-time data capture and instant accuracy. The expense will be automatically categorised against your own expense policies and budgets and will be automatically included in your expense reporting against the right linked organisation and cost centre. 

How much does your global expense management system cost?

Capture Expense offers a variety of pricing plans to suit different business needs. We provide a two-week free trial, allowing you to explore our platform’s features and benefits. In addition to the free trial, we offer business and enterprise pricing plans, each tailored to specific requirements. These plans come with various features and scalability options to accommodate organisations of different sizes and complexities. Visit our pricing page to learn more. 

What devices is your global expense app available on?

Capture Expense is available on both mobile and desktop devices, making it accessible from Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS platforms. As the platform is cloud-based, you’ll always receive the latest updates without having to lift a finger. 

The Capture Expense mobile app is designed for universal compatibility, functioning seamlessly on iPhone and Android smartphones as well as any mobile device that supports a mainstream web browser, including PDAs and iPads. This ensures a flexible and accessible experience across a wide range of devices and locations. 

global expense management system, global expense app

Extra features in your global expense management system 

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