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Expense Management Competitors

Streamline Corporate Finances with Effective Expense Management

Capture Expense is your key to taking firm control of your organisation’s finances.

Our sophisticated expense management system goes beyond simplicity, offering a robust solution to elevate your bottom line.

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Companies using our expense management software

Effortless Automation

Capture Expense streamlines expense management with automated features for reimbursements and mileage, saving time and boosting efficiency. Use our platform anywhere, anytime for easy expense handling. Our unique, unmatched features cater to your company’s diverse needs, aiding your organisational success.

Open banking:

Embrace the future of expense management, where every transaction is effortlessly recorded and categorised in real time, freeing you from the tedium of manual reconciliation.

Carbon tracking:

Access comprehensive reports on the carbon emissions generated during your journeys.

Corporate card not required:

Claim expenses using your personal card: Simply snap a picture of the receipt. Submit the expense. Then wait for approval.

Mileage tracking:

Ensure accurate tax reclaims every time with our precise distance calculator and expert vehicle advisory rates.

Priced per active user:

Capture Expense offers a pricing structure based on active users, ensuring a cost-effective solution tailored to your organisation’s specific needs.

White labelling:

Capture Expense allows you to customise and brand the platform with your distinctive identity for a seamless and professional user experience.

Comparison Table

Selecting an expense management solution to track and handle all your company’s requirements is an essential and strategic choice. To help you make the right decision for your business, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of comparisons for various expense management solutions so that you can find the best product for you.

Feature Capture Expense Competitors
Open Banking
Carbon Tracking
Don’t Need a Corporate Card
Track Mileage
Priced Per Active User
Human Support
White Labelling
Custom Expense Records
Receipt Upload
Reimbursement Management
Spend Control
Receipt Scanning
Tax Risk Mitigation
Workflow Management
Support Multiple Currency
Approval Process Control

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