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Referral Programme Terms

How to refer a company:

If you would like to refer a company, get in touch with us via a form or email.

Claiming the reward:

  • The referrer gets a £200 Amazon voucher
  • The company being referred gets three months of Capture Expense completely free when they sign a 12-month contract with Capture Expense
  • Once the company you referred has signed the contract, we’ll reach out to you via email with the gift voucher
  • The referrer will receive the reward within 14 business days

Terms and conditions:

  • The referred company must have signed a contract with Capture Expense within 12 months of being referred in order to receive three months free and for the referrer to be eligible for the gift card
  • Only one reward per referred company can be awarded. This will be awarded to the first person to refer the company
  • A person can refer as many companies as they want. There is no limit to how many rewards a person can receive