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Automatic Mileage Calculations

Drive Smarter, Track Your Mileage

Ensure accurate tax reclaims every time with our precise distance calculator and expert vehicle advisory rates.

Never miscalculate mileage claims with a number of automated vehicle management features

Distance calculator

Experience a seamless and accurate travel log as our powerful APIs simplify the journey distance recording process for you.

Approved fuel rates

Benefit from HMRC-approved and advisory fuel rates for both corporate and personal vehicles.

Manual adjustment

Any adjustments to the calculated distance are tracked to reduce any fraudulent claims.

Carbon tracking

You can access comprehensive reports on the carbon emissions generated during your journeys.

Accurate tax reclaim

Maximise your tax reclaims with our built-in vehicle-specific tax elements, or tailor your own custom rates for a personalised tax experience.

Google Maps integration

Our platform automatically calculates journey distances using a seamlessly integrated Google service, simplifying the process for claimants.

Unlock the benefits of MAPs

Mileage Allowance Payments (MAPs) are a way to appreciate employees who use their own vehicles for work trips. You can pay a set annual amount (the ‘approved amount’) without HMRC paperwork.

Capture Expense simplifies tracking expenses by calculating payments based on travel miles and approved rates, regardless of the vehicle. Staying within the ‘approved amount’ means no HMRC reporting or taxes, but employees can still benefit from Mileage Allowance Relief (MAR).

The ROI boost of mileage tracking

Harnessing the potential of precise mileage tracking not only maximises your ROI but also empowers you to make informed financial decisions with confidence.

Discover how to maximise ROI with mileage tracking

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