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Case Study

AlertSystems Case Study

By March 21, 2024No Comments4 min read

From Paperwork Piles to Digital Ease:

AlertSystems’ Success Story with Capture Expense

From 6 weeks to 6 seconds

speeding up expense processing for rapid reimbursement and greater efficiency.

A mobile-first approach

ensuring that users can access the system seamlessly from any location, at any time.

The client

As one of the UK’s leading providers of security systems to businesses, the AlertSystems group, comprises of AlertSystems, Alert Monitoring and Alert Data. The companies are all committed to providing excellent service and products, such as their latest CCTV development,, to organisations seeking high-quality business security solutions.

Before implementing an expense management system, AlertSystems’ process was entirely manual, which meant they were spending countless hours and resource on collecting and filing paper receipts.

AlertSystems initially decided to trial another expense management provider; this however raised a number of issues which only Capture Expense had an answer for.

The challenge

  • Their expense process was entirely paper-based, resulting in employees saving and mailing receipts.
  • They required a system that works across web browsers and devices, ensuring accessibility for all employees.
  • Over 60% of employees who claim expenses work remotely and required a mobile solution that ran alongside the desktop version.
  • Managing both out-of-pocket expenses and expenses incurred through corporate credit cards.
  • They required a solution that could seamlessly integrate with Sage 50.

The solution

  • Capture Expense streamlines the submission and approval of both card and cash expenses in one integrated system.
  • The platform offers identical functionality on both mobile and desktop, enabling access across various browsers and devices.
  • Designed for minimal training and ease of setup, Capture Expense ensures that users can quickly adapt to the new system.
  • The platform provides an automated transactions feed with their bank.
  • Capture Expense facilitated a seamless integration with Sage 50 through Zynk.

The benefits

  • 100% Paperless: Capture Expense helped AlertSystems go fully paperless, eliminating the need for physical receipts and paperwork.
  • Advanced OCR: The system’s OCR technology reduces manual data entry by automatically extracting and categorising receipt information.
  • Automated Policy Enforcement: Capture Expense automates policy checks, reducing out-of-policy claims, ensuring compliance, and minimising manual checks.
  • Multi-Stage Workflow Approval: Capture Expense’s workflow mirrors AlertSystems’ group structure, guaranteeing expenses are approved by the right personnel at each stage.

The results

Faster expense submission

Capture Expense has significantly reduced the time it takes for employees to submit their expenses. Previously, it took six weeks, but now, most people submit expenses daily or weekly, leading to quicker reimbursement.

Mobile accessibility

Employees appreciate the ability to use Capture Expense on their phones. This eliminates the need to carry laptops for expense submission and allows for convenient on-the-go expense reporting.

Cost savings

Capture Expense’s streamlined process for expense submission, approval, and integration has reduced the administrative workload, leading to significant cost savings by optimising resource allocation and reducing the need for manual data entry and reconciliation.

Customer service

Capture Expense takes great pride in its customer service. With a team of dedicated professionals, they ensure that every customer’s needs are met promptly and effectively.

Empowering your organisation,
one expense at a time.

Experience the power of our all-in-one platform and say farewell to spreadsheets! Save valuable time and money with effortless automation for reimbursements, vehicle mileage, and credit card reconciliation.

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