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Enhanced Reporting Requirements: What you Need to Know

By November 8, 2023January 15th, 2024No Comments4 min read

Enhanced Reporting Requirements:
What you Need to Know

Remaining vigilant regarding regulatory changes is not only a matter of good practice but a strategic necessity. Employers in Ireland are currently facing a changing regulatory landscape that holds the potential to significantly impact the way expense management is conducted. 

Enhanced Reporting Requirements refer to new regulations that mandate detailed reporting of specific expense payments to employees and directors, aimed at increasing transparency and accountability in financial management for Irish employers.  

On Monday, January 1, 2024, the Finance Act 2022’s new policy (Section 897C) will be implemented nationwide. This policy will necessitate that employers report specific expense payments to employees and directors.  

What information is to be included in the report?

Small benefit exemption

This covers vouchers or benefits offered to employees that fall under the small benefit exemption scheme, meaning they are currently allowed to receive up to two small benefits per year with a total value not exceeding €1,000.

Remote working daily allowance

This covers any payments made by an employer to an employee or director in relation to days worked from home. These payments should not exceed €3.20 per day. Employers are now required to report:

  • Total number of days.
  • Amount paid.
  • Date paid.

Travel and subsistence

This covers payments made by an employer to an employee or director for travel or subsistence expenses without any tax deductions. When submitting a report to Revenue, it is essential to include the amount and date of payment for each of the specified categories:

  • Travel vouched.
  • Travel unvouched.
  • Subsistence vouched.
  • Subsistence unvouched.
  • Site-based employees (including “Country money”).
  • Emergency travel.
  • Eating on site.

How will payments be submitted

Understanding the process for submitting enhanced reporting is crucial. A new feature will be integrated into the Revenue Online Service (ROS) for this purpose. It’s worth mentioning that this new feature will closely resemble the existing payroll reporting tool.

Revenue have indicated that this legislation marks the initial phase, and it’s probable that additional enhanced reporting requirements will be introduced in the coming years.

The benefits of the enhanced reporting for businesses

One of the primary advantages highlighted by Revenue is that it seeks to enhance transparency for employees regarding non-taxable payments. The concept is that these new reports will enable employers to identify potential areas of excessive spending.

From Revenue’s standpoint, enhanced reporting offers increased visibility, enabling them to focus more on companies that may not be reporting accurately.

How to prepare your business for Enhanced Reporting Requirements

As the legislation takes effect on Monday, January 1, 2024, companies must prepare accordingly. It is essential to assess your existing system to ensure readiness for the impending changes.

The new legislation is expected to introduce a real-time reporting aspect that may lead to increased administrative responsibilities within your organisation.

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