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Digital Transformation in Government Finance:

How Capture Expense Streamlined a Government’s Expense Workflow

Expense Managements future

Paper trails to digital finesse

leading to faster approvals, reimbursements and greater efficiency.

A streamlined approval process

has been implemented, successfully resolving their previously complex expenses approval workflow.

Prominent government entity modernises its expense management processes

In pursuit of greater efficiency and control over their finances, our client chose Capture Expense, this decision is set to bring significant improvements to the entire department’s workforce, impacting approximately 800 users. 
This diverse user base consists of 383 officers spread across 632 constituencies, all of whom play a crucial role in managing the expenses associated with running elections in the UK.

The challenge

  • Manual approval workflow: All expense claims were processed by hand.
  • Inefficient tracking: They were unable to effectively track and record staff hours.
  • Intricate workflow: Needed a highly configurable approval workflow with multiple stages, including conditional stages for implementing spending rules and advances.
  • Security: Their processes fell short of meeting their stringent security expectations.
  • Manual integration: They were unable to seamlessly integrate with their accounting software, SAP.
  • Limited accessibility: Their expenses weren’t accessible across various browsers and devices.
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The solution

  • Streamlined approval workflow: Claims are electronically submitted to the officers, granting them the authority to approve or reject as needed.
  • Complete visibility: All staff resource records can be added or imported by role and hourly rate.
  • Configurable workflow: Approval workflow is fully configurable with multiple stages and conditional stages such as spending rules and advances.
  • Fully compliant: Capture Expense ensures the highest level of security through compliance with Cybersecurity Plus and ISO 27001 standards. 
  • Effortless ERP integration: Capture Expense offers a REST API for SAP to access approved expenses and funding allocations.
  • Fully compatible: With various browsers and devices, including Android and iOS on mobile, tablet, and desktop platforms. 

The benefits

  • Through our user-friendly platform users can manage receipt uploads and expenses claims in seconds.
  • Capture Expense improves the accuracy of spend data by reducing manual data-entry errors.
  • Historical claims can be viewed at any time to help calculate future funding. This data can also be exported into Excel as required.
  • Capture Expense prevents out-of-policy spending with individual spending limits.

The results

Real-time insights

By having access to real-time company spending data, our client can make well-informed decisions and effectively plan their budget.

Measurable results

Our solution enables users to highlight overspending, conduct aged analysis, manage budgets, and forecast future expenditures.

Multi-stage workflow approval

Our system offers full customisation, allowing Capture Expense to seamlessly align with our client’s intricate, multi-layered expense approval workflows.

Single view of spend

The management team has complete data overview to identify trends, monitor spend and keep on top of budget and cash flow.

Empowering your organisation,
one expense at a time.

Experience the power of our all-in-one platform and say farewell to spreadsheets! Save valuable time and money with effortless automation for reimbursements, vehicle mileage, and credit card reconciliation.

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