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Keep your restaurant ahead of the game with technology


No matter how big or small, running a restaurant is tough work. From front of house all the way to restaurant manager, you have a million and one things to keep track of, and you can’t afford hold ups or mistakes because it could cost you a lot of money.

With the recent pandemic, the hospitality industry was hit hard. With restaurants, cafes, bars and pubs closed, we saw incredible developments in the sector. With DIY meal kits, home delivery services and even meal subscriptions, food and drink venues were able to adapt and change to meet the future.

It makes sense to keep up with the times, so why haven’t more restaurants moved to automated expense management?

Capture Expense works to streamline and automate business expenses through advanced coding and AI technology. With the front end being simple and intuitive to use, it is straightforward to implement and deploy throughout your business. Being made from the bottom up in the UK, we have full control over every aspect of the software and so do you. With the ability to cater to any need you may have, Capture Expense stands out from the cookie cutter expense management software on the market today.

The hospitality industry is a fast paced and complicated one, and you can remove another headache by using our software to take care of all the things you don’t want to be spending on, such as approving expenses, calculating business mileage, creating reports, and checking credit cards.

With our expense tracking app, you can easily upload and update expenses using your camera to take photos of receipts. These are uploaded and automatically processed, where the data is used to fill expense reports so you don’t have to spend the time manually typing in any amounts. The digital storage of receipts also means you can save time and space, eliminating the need for clunky filing systems and spending lots of time searching through by hand. You can search through the files by date and time as well as the content itself to find exactly what you need.

Worried about moving a lot of data to a new system? Have no fear! Capture Expense integrates all major Accounting, Payroll, HR systems. Once the expense reports are fully approved, administrators can integrate these transactions into their chosen back-office system, or multiple systems if applicable.

We support all major accounting and payroll software; we also support BACS payments. There are two types of integration, File Export/Import with the correct file format and specification which is the default approach, then real-time API integration, either your existing system or requirements determines the integration approach.

As well as integration going out, we also provide information to be fed in, such as users, projects, cost centres. We can also pull user record in from existing HR or other existing staff record systems.

Spending on the company credit card is also made easy as we utilise Open Banking, which allows real-time and direct integration to major UK banks. Cardholders are notified when their statement is available, Capture Expense automatically generates card expenses for the card holder to review and submit for approval.

 The process works separately to cash expenses ensuring the account balance each month can be reconciled with the total number of expenses that are generated in the process. Furthermore, these transactions are already categorised and with receipts already captured and stored in the software, the whole process can be automated.

This makes card expenses an extremely efficient to process, using Open Banking with Capture Expense removes any remaining integration tasks such as aggregated statement uploads and saves additional time for card holders and finance.

Travelling for work?  Capture Expense uses the Google API Distance Service to support claimants as they raise travel claims whether they travel by private or company vehicle, bicycle, or as a passenger.

A start and end address with any number of waypoints in-between and the distance is returned by the service. A number of options can be set including: avoiding motorways or toll roads, the service also uses the date and time of the journey to determine the most accurate distance. We default in miles but can set as km if required.

This ensure there isn’t an over-claim for travel costs, however if you do allow the claimant to update their own distance, we still compare the value with the calculated distance and determined the % difference to highlight at approval stage.

We care deeply about your experience with our product, as we want to make your life as easy as possible. We know one size doesn’t fit all, so your input is highly valued in creating a product that is best for you and your unique needs. Listen to one of our most recent reviews to hear for yourself: “The support we have received from James is fantastic; he always responds promptly with answers to any queries you may have. It is apparent how important it is to James and the team to improve Capture Expense continuously and so any feedback provided by us is taken on board and almost always implemented. You are never waiting too long for new features to be released. If there have ever been any minor problems, then these are fixed extremely quickly.”

Be it big enterprise or small start up, we are competitively priced to ensure you get the best value for money.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today for a free demo and help your restaurant take a step into the future.

Empowering your organisation,
one expense at a time.

Experience the power of our all-in-one platform and say farewell to spreadsheets! Save valuable time and money with effortless automation for reimbursements, vehicle mileage, and credit card reconciliation.

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