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Sustainability and the Future


With the recent coverage of COP 26 UN Climate Change Conference, we felt it was only right we share some of the things we do and provide for your business to be as sustainable as possible.

As you are well aware, sustainability is incredibly important to our planet, as well as ourselves. We have access to finite resources, and our consumption and use of said resources is directly contributing to the degradation of the place we call home. Failure to address these issues will be disastrous, and at Capture Expense we feel it is our duty to aid you on your journey to a more sustainable future with the use of our software. This benefits any sector, from telecom, to construction, to IT, to manufacturing.

Business travel is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions, and businesses are under more and more pressure as well as increased regulations to measure and report energy use as well as providing plans to reduce emissions. Not only do investors have a vested interest, but so does society, with a forever increasing awareness and focus on sustainability. Providing clear cut data about your carbon emissions not only aids the planet but can increase your profitability as consumers are choosing the sustainable option over unsustainable alternatives.

Capture Expense can aid you in your journey with our CO2 calculator. This can be used to track CO2 produced from business travel, letting you know what carbon offset you need to make, or just to help you keep track of your impact.

This is an invaluable tool which is easy to use and provided to all Capture Expense customers. If you would like to learn more about this, contact us today.

Transforming from manual expense management to automated enables decision making to be at its most optimal, driving efficiencies and saving energy and time. Having all your expenses filed digitally means you can better keep track of overheads and can help you identify and focus on products or services purchased which are wasteful, allowing you to focus on areas for improvement, positively affecting your impact on the environment. Smart categorisation of expenses means you can easily view areas of most spend and put you on the path to identifying if it is necessary or not.

The software we provide at Capture Expense is in itself built on these sustainable principles. As our code is written in house from the bottom up, we ensure the code and architecture consumes as little resources as possible, which helps reduce carbon emissions. Although we often think being online is greener than working physically, even the internet and digital technologies have an environmental impact. These processes require energy to run, but where you source your energy is another key thing to think about. Do you use renewable sources, such as wind or hydro? This is just something else to think about in your businesses journey towards a greener future.

At Capture Expense we are dedicated towards creating a more sustainable work environment for all, so if you have any special needs in regards to sustainability, contact us and we can discuss your requirements.

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