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Top 8 Ways to Improve Cash Flow

Cash flow is the lifeblood of any organisation, and it can make or break a company.

However, increasing cash flow can be a challenging task, especially if you have limited resources. 

But don’t worry, you’re in safe hands. We’ve outlined the top 8 ways on how to improve cashflow, regardless of the size of your business. 

8 ways to improve cash flow

1. Do a deep dive into your expenditure

First things first, in order to improve cash flow and plan for the future of your company you need to know exactly how much money you’ve got coming into the business vs. how much you’re spending. 

Start by looking at your income:

Make a list of all your income streams from the previous year in order to detect peaks and seasonal trends (i.e. a boost around the holiday season). This will give you a better understanding of your customers’ spending patterns and which areas of your business are thriving.

Then look at your expenses:

Just like for your income, make a list of all the things you are spending money on such as: employee salaries; office rent; travel and accommodation for the sales team.

Now, for some of these expenses, like employee wages, there’s no wiggle room. But having a clearer picture of all your expenses will help determine where you can cut costs or look for more competitive deals.

Finally, compare the two: 

If you find that there are periods during the year when your expenses exceed your income, you can start to question why this is happening. 

2. Increase your prices

It might sound like something you should discuss with your senior management team first (and it definitely is). But even a slight increase to your prices, combined with a small reduction to your costs can go a long way. 
Ask yourself: would your clients care? Well, yes, they probably would care if they were told they had to pay more money. But would they care if prices suddenly went up by one or two percent? Probably not.

3. Send out your invoices ASAP

It’s a no brainer really, sending invoices out immediately helps expedite the payment process by encouraging clients to settle their debts promptly.

Make sure your invoices include:

  • Clear terms and conditions. 
  • The due date in bold at the top and on the payment slip. 
  • Instructions for accepted payment methods. 

By immediately sending out accurate, and easy to read invoices, you reduce the risk of late payments and improve cash flow for your business. 

4. Entice your clients to pay sooner

Everyone loves an incentive, and this one’s a win/win for both you and your clients: Offer discounts for early payment. 

Incentivising customers to pay sooner serves multiple benefits. It helps speed up cash flow, providing timely access to funds for both operations and growth. Additionally, it contributes to strengthening your business’s financial position. 

5. Concentrate on building customer loyalty

By focusing on building customer loyalty you can increase retention rates.  
You can also ensure more repeat business, maintain a steady cash flow, and turn loyal customers into brand advocates who attract new business. 

6. Invest in your company 

Investing in your own business is crucial for boosting skills, productivity, and overall promotion, which directly impacts cash flow.  
While there is an initial cost involved, such investments lead to streamlined operations and improved efficiency. Whether it’s upgrading skills, optimising workflows, or enhancing marketing strategies, the aim is to reduce costs and increase profits.  

7. Improve your inventory

You can increase cash flow by improving your inventory through regular checks to identify slow-moving items”. 
By selling these items at a discount or discontinuing them entirely you free up cash tied in inventory and prevent it from jeopardising your cash flow. 

8. Get rid of wasted expenses

Start by asking your employees for input and conduct audits to identify unnecessary costs.  
By identifying and cutting out these expenses, you’ll save money that can be redirected towards more productive areas of your business. This will ultimately improve cash flow.

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Why is it important to improve cash flow?

By improving your cash flow, you can ensure that your business is here to stay.

You’ll be able to: 

  • Invest in new business ventures. 
  • Hire more employees.  
  • Plan for the future. 
  • Meet payroll. 
  • And more.

Are there different types of cash flow?

Yes, there are the three primary classifications of cash flow: 

  • Cash flow from operations (CFO) 
  • Cash flow from investing (CFI) 
  • Cash flow from financing (CFF)

These will all appear on the cash flow statement on your company’s financial statements. 

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