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Using Trainline to travel in the UK?


One of the many travel tools you might be using to travel for business is the trainline app, and you may be wondering how you can use it in conjunction with an expense management tracker to make your life easier.

Travel expense management is a huge part of any business and using the train line UK is an easy way to book tickets and plan your journey. But what do you do once all is said and done?

Corporate card reconciliation

Capture Expense uses Open Banking to give you a feed of your corporate card spending, you can simply attach the invoice from the trainline app onto the transaction from your card feed. This automation makes the process a lot faster and accurate as you don’t have to create the expense yourself, it does it automatically, so you’ll never miss an expense again.

screenshot of travel expense management screen with carbon emissions calculator

CO2 calculator


One of the many benefits of using Capture Expense as your expense management software is we automatically do calculations to work out the CO2 produced for each journey. This helps your company keep track of your climate impact. Why does this matter? Because a study by the European Investment Bank shows that being transparent about and reducing carbon emissions can have a positive impact on reputation and market demand for any business. Even big brands like IKEA are investing millions on millions on reducing their climate impact, but you can help drive that change by simply understanding your climate impact from travel with our integrated system.

Process expenses more quickly

Because our software automatically creates a feed of card transactions you can easily attach expenses from travel such as trainline, expenses tend to be more accurate as there is less room for error with code doing most of the work for you. This means expenses can be submitted more quickly, meaning they will also be accepted at a better rate as well! This means money back to you (or your employees) meaning everyone is happier.

screenshot of expense once management software dashboard displaying statistics

Better view of spending

With a more accurate and detailed view of employee spending, you can help improve understanding of spending within your company, allowing for new insights on how to streamline, or reduce costs. This means better overall spending and profits.

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